Although I do not host my own horse shows I do try to go to many shows during the year if schedules allow it and clients want to participate. I have taken students to attend shows and events at Carolina Horse Park, Lumberton Agricultural Center, Central Carolina Barrel Racers, Finally Farm, Cape Fear Trail Riders, and hopefully newly I will take some to Lake Waccamaw in the years to come. I have trained many different disciplines and riding styles so I try to go to many different kinds of shows. I have always had many different levels of students so the versatility helps get them out in the ring in a safe environment that is not too competitive yet at open shows. 
Let The Shows Begin!!!
Spurling's Hidden Treasures Riding Academy
 Even if not all of the barn family is competing I highly suggest students go to help and see what others are doing at shows for the experience and to help their barn family with their show horse. I have always had many of the barn members show up to support our fellow riders (even if they are not the ones riding in the show). Shows often require teamwork and that is more than just between horse and rider. I like students to learn to work together and help each other. Teamwork is an essential and valuable skill in riding and in daily life.
Tiffany and Jax at the CHP Cross-Country
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